OMG my First blog post  Yippeeee!!!!!

Hi there

I’m Alison! aka A Baking, Wheeling, Mother of 3! My dear Mc Guyver husband has challenged our family with many crazy fun & breathtakingly beautiful adventures! Mostly out in the dirt, sticks or sand. I am darnsure thatour beautiful children will one day cherish these memories for a lifetime.


For quite awhile now I have been interested in blogging but I really didn’t know what this all entailed. How I would get started? What I would say or even write about for that matter. I have jumped in feet 1st! I know that I have a lot to learn but I am Super excited to get this thing started! I’m pretty sure that I will make many errors but thankfully at this time in my life I have learned that we truly do learn from our mistakes. So here I go!

I truly lovethe time I can share off roading with my husband & our 3 little . I lovebaking & cooking family meals. I have always enjoyed gathering around the food table for delicious meals, fun conversations with icy cold ones for hours on end! I have a Ginormous sweet tooth & love everything Mother Nature has to offer. I aspire to someday have my very own homestead. We have worked our tails off & we are getting one step closer to this vision each & every day.

I started this blog because I would like to share our families adventures with other like minded off roaders, who also enjoy this never boring life of Wheeling. I have stories that I haven’t told to some because honestly, they might think I’m crazy.

I’d also like to share with you a few of the pictures from the build of our off roading buggy. The one my husband built that started M5’s evolution of fun!


Brian literally built our Rock Crawler from the ground up. When we 1st picked her up she was a 4 seater chassis with a few tack welds. We are a family of 5 so a 4 seater buggy wasn’t going to work well for us until modified. (My husbands favorite word)

The 4 Runner (our 1st generation crawler) was awesome right up until we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd baby! Prior to our surprise bun in the oven! The runner was IT!

So again who cares right? Well for all you gear heads out there let me just tell you, you would have loved the 4 runner! Everyone did. Every trail or beach everyone had to check it out. A good buddy used to say it had the whole catalog in it, everything you could do to it was done, wish list included. I’m such a good wife to have made it thru the learning curve of guys & their never ending obsession with toys! The runner was fast, powerful & down right fun!

She had a 5.7 liter Tuned Port Injected Chevy Camaromotor. For my soon to be woman followers out there, this means she kicked serious booty, she had Mega Muscle! Taking her out for a ride was kind of like riding a roller coaster but not on a track in an amusement park!

Currently Mc Guyver is transforming a 1967 Toyota Landcruiser.

We call her Tomater

I hope you have enjoyed your 1st read with me! Come back & check me out again real soon!

Happy Baking Happy Camping & Happy Wheelin!

Stay Safe & Live this day to the Fullest because Bottom line happens!



The Aspiring Mountain Mama!

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