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Pismo Beach Camping with M5 saying goodbye to 2016 & hello to 2017🎉

This is where it all began for Mc Guyver & I some 14 years ago!

M5 has hit the road! We are on our way to one of my most favorite places to camp! Pismo Beach! Unfortunately, we will not be camping on the beach this round… (this is a 1st for us) We are camping in the North Beach Campground walking distance to good 🍹Old Juan’s Cantina💃🏻, family & downtown!

Getting everyone  out of the house is always an adventure! Making sure we have everything we need for 3 elementary school aged children our 2 big animal babies & myself gets coo coo🙃

I inevitably bring way more clothes than 1 woman needs but hey, we have the room for it.

We are rolling in our BIG boy! Ram 3500 Dually and our 33 foot 5th wheel!

Mc Guyver doing his daddy duties & making sure we are ready for the road!

Pismo has always been an absolute pain in the booty to get to & exit from! But totally worth every moment in the end! The beauty of the Ocean here is wonderful & mesmerizing… However, I have experienced 1st hand the sloppy difficult mess that Pismo can be! I have been tugged forwards & backwards Left & Right in a 36 foot RV, a rental from a company I will not disclose & others with the 4 runner  to the RESCUE!!!  THANK THE DEAR LORD!!! We have entertained many I’m sure with our mishaps but bottom line we have NEVER been stranded because of my Mc Guyver! Can I get an AMEN👼🏼🙏🏼

I snapped this shot of Sand Highway while standing on the Pismo Pier.

Pismo is where Brian & I started our 1st camping adventures! Its where Mc Guyver 1st told me he loved me💘  Squish as a good friend always says. We started out as 2 kids in love camping out in the back of his Super Duty.  These days I feel like an old lady because my body aches & hurts on a daily basis so the 5th wheel  is my happy place! Nice & comfortable!


When we visit Pismo it always reminds me of my dad who also loved raising some cane out in the dunes in his Dune buggy! I have a picture somewhere that I’ll have to dig for! That’ll be a great one to document! My fondest memories as a child were always of camping. I loved it then & I still love it now & now I get to share this with my children! I sure do miss my dad… especially him calling me darling. He said it with his Texan accent.❤️  He shot off into the Big sky abruptly on 10/04/04… I know he’s loving watching from the heavens, wishing he were here to share this all with us!

This trip for  M5 is all about family!!! We will be spending the next few days camping & visiting with the Milligan fam Bam! It’s been wayyyyyy too long so we are Super excited!!! Let the good times Roll!!!

Happy New Year!!! 🍻🎆  😊

May the New Year be happy, healthy, safe & fun for us all!

Happy Camping Happy Baking Happy Wheeling!

💚 Alison

The Aspiring Mountain Mama

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