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The Wonderful Dutch Oven

I have a new love  in my life… One I never new I had… And it’s with my brand new Le Creuset , Ocean Blue Dutch Oven set!💘

Aren’t they just beautiful!

We are a true match made in heaven!

I just realized after living in my town for almost 5 years. There is a Le Creuset Outlet Store right around the fricken corner! Ok a little further than around the corner but close enough!

You may think, is this woman totally sheltered or what?  Outlets, Big deal! Well for me… I have 3 young children🙉🙈🙊  so kind of sheltered & a Big Deal!

I love Baking & I love Cooking!

So for me… I was like a kid in a candy store🍭  When I opened that door it was like angels singing  & heavenly lights shining down upon me!

Colors of every variety ❤️💛💚💙💜 & every Accessory to match! Even a beautiful French press 🙃  It was wonderful!

And to top it all off, the color I chose is 50% off for the rest of the month! You better hurry while it last!

I didn’t buy day 1. Why? Well, because Le Creuset is expensive stuff! I went back to the store however, the following day. I know, WoW a whole day later! But, after giving much thought & running it all past Mc Guyver. It was a GO! He tells this story a little differently. 🙂

After the very looooong 24 hours that I was away from the store. Day dreaming of the color choices that I had before me… I pondered… Was it going to be  the Lime Green color or the Beautiful Ocean Blue?  Decisions, decisions…

I have & love my equally Awesome “Lodge” Round Dutch oven! It has worked wonderfully for my family & is way cheaper!

Still so very lovely after so many uses!

And way back when, I just wasn’t ready to invest in Le Creuset.

Until now, and Oh my I am happy!!!!!

Yup… I bought more than the 2 pieces I led you to believe at 1st 🙂

Only magic has happened since. Thank you dear father for putting me in harmony with the awesome Dutch oven. Truly, A family must for M5 & for you & your family too!

I remember being so intimidated using a dutch oven. They are so heavy, enameled, iron. Am I suppose to season it or not? What does seasoning really mean? It all seemed so complicated.

I was wrong!

Dutch ovens are so versatile! I can use it on the stovetop for an out of this world soup,  or in the oven to bake bread!

Wait… What?  Bake bread!!! Stop the bus 🚌 !!!  Yes I can! I have & it’s a home run!!!  Mmm,  Crusty Artisan Bread!

Deliciously crunchy on the outside, soft & chewy on the inside!

Now I gotta go & bake a loaf🍞  & take pictures to share of course!

This all is just my personal opinion. I am nothing but a self proclaimed, day dreaming mountain mama baker sharing my love of the wonderful Dutch Oven!

Happy Baking Happy Camping Happy Wheeling🍴


The Aspiring Mountain Mama

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