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💘Fun food ideas for Valentine’s Day💘

What a super cute & yummy treat for Valentine’s Day! Right?! I mean look at that heart shaped goodness!


I’m always craving something sweet… And because its almost Valentine’s day as I was rummaging around my local Goodwill store. I found & purchased for a whole $2 an excellent condition heart shaped cake tin! Such an awesome find & BAM it inspired this fun cake!

I know its still January but hey, you gotta get started sometime! And if your like me & want to bake & cook everything heart shaped right now. Well, this is a great time to get it rolling!

Just over the past few days I have… baked this delicious cake!


Fried Heart❤️ shaped Eggs in the hole!

My family thanks you Pioneer Woman for this delicious buttery, bread & egg recipe!

Baked Heart❤️ shaped Bacon in the oven!

A Baked bacon spin off from The Paper Mama & Kitchn! Thank you for such a fun idea!

And… I also baked these cuter than ever Heart❤️ shaped Cinnamon rolls!

So darling & delicious! Thank you Lady Behind the Curtain for this great idea!

I’m going to surprise my little 🙉🙈🙊 on Valentine’s day morning with these super cute sweet rolls!

They are going to love these cinnamon delights! I sure would if I woke up to this kind of cinnamony deliciousness! Mc Guyver has been in food heaven lately! I made these for him this morning. I’m such a good wife💏

So, you may possibly wonder? Wow these kids must really think there mom is so totally awesome! She cooks & bakes all the time it seems…

Nope, not at this time in our lives… I know… they will appreciate me when they are like 20! I have accepted this & I am just thankful that I  have this blog because now I have PROOF that I delivered quality baked goods routinely for my families enjoyment!

I mean who does’t love a chocolate cake showered with powdered sugar & red sprinkles?


I Do🙋🏼  I Do and every single one of these yum yum ingredients!

So, I shot for delicious 🏹  & whipped up this Devils food cake😈


Talk about some good ol sweetness! And a big winner for you to share with your favorite sweetheart & little sweethearts too!

Look how happy!

This recipe is so quick & so easy & sooo moist!!! And if your soon to be happy recipients don’t ask… don’t tell… because this delicious cake is a Box Cake wonder!

Yup, just head on over to your local grocery store & buy a box! No frosting necessary. Mc Guyver & I were discussing this last night. A cake that doesn’t require frosting is one Heck of a cake!  A star all by itself! Nice!

img_1627So I encourage you to have some fun! Bake a box cake mix & pretend your a real pastry chef! I certainly did & got the very best response from my 9 year old daughter.

I mean, I did prompt her a little as she was enjoying her 1st bites… By asking her, Brooke, “Is this the best cake you’ve EVER had?” She nodded her head & with crumbs dropping from her precious little lips… She said, “Yes mom!” My heart filled with Pure joy! Proud mama moment🏅

I hope that I may have sparked a little fire under your rear 🔥  and hope that you all try one of these fun Valentine’s day treats💘   or all of them!

All of these great recipes were so fun & easy & your Valentine is going to love you!!!

Here’s my  Recipe for the Heart shaped Cake❤️

  1. Buy a boxed cake mix (I chose the Devils Food Cake)

Next, follow the box instructions…

Grab the essentials!

The essentials… include a pretty bowl for the dry ingredients, 6 pack muffin tin lined with paper cups and a greased & floured cake tin. (I used the baking spray)

add your cake mix to your bowl!
Next add your oil, eggs & the water!
Mix & pour into your prepared tins!

To add the cute heart shaped sprinkles, I just cut a  paper plate into a heart shaped stencil! Really easy & placed it right on top of the cooled cake. And showered it with the red sprinkles!

Bake & enjoy!
a little bit of Heaven! I know you want a bite😘

Happy Baking Happy Camping Happy Wheeling🍴


The Aspiring Mountain Mama

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