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Heart shaped Cinnamon Rolls❤️

Hey there & welcome back!

As you may know I have been all about heart shaped food!  My last blog post featured these delectable little bites! Here’s the skinny on how to throw these babies down in a hurry. And when I say throw them down… Not like a pie eating contest,  I mean whip these babies up in no time flat! These sweetheart rolls are so fun & easy to make.  I baked them in my awesome 10 inch Cast Iron Skillet!

And I love my skillet & this recipe makes me love it even more!



Here’s my quick little “how to”  Recipe!

  1. Head on over to  your local grocery store & shimmy your way right on over to the refrigerated section with the ready to bake cinnamon rolls. Grab yourself a tube or 2. I would grab 2 and you will thank me later😘

I purchased the store brand. They are less expensive & totally legit!

Next, Grease up your cast iron! I used good ol stick butter.


Open up your dough package & gently unroll your sweet rolls.

Alright, now here is the tricky part. Just kidding there is no tricky part 😋

Now… Roll in from the Right, Roll in from the left, & pinch the point of the heart. They will bake better & keep their shape this way.


Preheat & Bake your cinnamon rolls according to the package instructions.

Keep an eye on them the last minute or 2. You’ll  want them lightly browned not burnt!


Next, snip off the end of the frosting packet thats included & drizzle it all over your cinnamon yum yums! Add sprinkles for even more fun!

img_2032So surprise your loved ones with these darling little treats for Valentine’s day or any day!

Hope you all enjoy this one!

This is definitely happening at our house again! Thank you “Lady Behind the Curtain” for such a fun & easy recipe!

Happy Baking Happy Camping Happy Wheeling🍴

💗The Aspiring Mountain Mama

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