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Homemade Crusty Artisan Bread🍞

img_1897This bread was literally crackling & singing to me 🎤  as I pulled it from the oven! Mc Guyver came down stairs looking at me like I was coo coo because I told him this. He didn’t believe me at 1st & then he listened… Only to hear what I was hearing. This Beautiful bread singing its melody, warm & happy, surprisingly excited even to be part of our  belly’s!

This is hands down the best homemade bread recipe you will ever need! I’m just a home baker, yet I baked this unbelievable loaf of bread🍞

Yup it still shocks me too that I can bake something so great!


Your family will rave, your husband will kiss you & your friends will be amazed!

When I say that this is the best bread recipe… Well it’s because I believe that it is! Literally everyone I have baked this for loves it, requests it & wants more! Honestly, this is why I got myself another Dutch oven so when guest come over for dinner I can bake 2 loaves🍞🍞!

1 loaf is just not enough! People start eyeballing👀  each other, starring at the last piece. A fight ready to break out, a battle for that last piece of crusty deliciousness! Never happened but it could😉


This bread is so delicious & so homemade!

And whats even more amazing,  is how easy  it is to make! I’m not kidding easy & fun!

There are definately steps to follow & patience of course, but totally worth the wait!


Now this may be the deal breaker for some of you… You may or may not want to try this recipe at home based on this information…

  1. This shaggy mess of dough must do its magic for 12-18 hours before you can bake it…

Ok I hope I didn’t loose ya 😘

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      2. Next Kicker, I’ve never made this without my dutch oven🤗

You must own a dutch oven or have fun on Pinterest finding a similar recipe minus the dutch oven.

But remember… The Dutch oven is amazing & I believe totally worth the investment!

If you don’t have one I’m going to suggest that you get one! So many uses & oh so pretty sitting right there on your stovetop for all to see!

My pretty dutch oven💚

Alright, if I still have your attention (I hope I still do) then…

Here is my simple Recipe~  For this fresh baked bread!


3 Cups Flour

1  3/4 teaspoon Sea Salt

1/2 teaspoon Instant or Rapid rise Yeast

1  1/2 cups Water

  1. In your favorite mixing bowl, gently whisk together the Flour, Salt & Yeast.
  2. Next, make a little well in the middle of the dry ingredients & add your water
  3. Gently fold & incorporate until this super shaggy mess appears! (I ❤️ my rubber spatula for this step.)

    Ooey Gooey fun!
  4. Next, cover your bowl with plastic wrap  & let the yeast do its thing.
  5. Wasn’t that easy?!

Next day… When your ready to bake your masterpiece!

  1. Start by heating up your oven to 450 degrees
  2. Put your beautiful empty Dutch oven with the Lid on, into the oven, when preheated for 30 minutes
  3. Next, dump your dough onto a heavily floured surface & shape it into a ball!

    Big ball of soon to be yum yum!
  4. Now, cover with plastic wrap & let it set while your Dutch oven is heating
  5. Once preheated… Remove your very hot pot carefully from the oven & drop in your dough!
  6. Put the lid back on your dutch oven & return to baking for 30 minutes
  7. After 30 minutes, remove the lid & let your bread bake for an additional 15 minutes. Let the beautiful browning begin!
  8. Lastly, remove your bread from the oven & transfer your Crunchy on the outside, Soft & Chewy on the inside Artisan loaf to a cooling rack to cool if you can wait that long!

Crazy just a few basic ingredients & this lovely loaf of bread is what you get!img_1879

With butter this is Heaven!😇

I hope you all have enjoyed this post!  And I really hope that you give this recipe a whirl! It’s a family favorite for our little herd & always gone in a flash!⚡️

Happy Baking Happy Camping Happy Wheeling🍴

❤️The Aspiring Mountain Mama

28 thoughts on “Homemade Crusty Artisan Bread🍞

  1. What a great recipe this is and so easy too! It’s a pleasure to meet you Mountain Mama.

    My name is Polly Motzko and I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    I shared your great artisan bread recipe on my site at

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do I do I do! The beautiful turquoise color I got goes perfectly with the other things in my kitchen. It has a lifetime warranty and will make lots of things other than the awesome bread recipe!
        Huge, big heavy thing, but oh I know it will cook a storehouse of wonderful dishes.

        Polly Motzko

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much for saying that. You’re such a sweet lady. What part of the USA do you live?
        I am a recent transplant here in Las Vegas, NV and I am trying to thrive like my little cactus I planted. It is so different from southern California!


      3. I am happy you had such a wonderful time. I grew up in Southern California and I miss the ocean and the beautiful flowers and Pacific Coast Highway Newport Beach and all my favorite places there’s so much. It’s just cheaper to live here but I want to go back to California and visit soon. California is one of the largest states in the entire nation second to Texas so there’s tons of things you can go and do there. It’s like small states within a state.


      1. The Green Dutch oven you see in my blog post is Lodge. I purchased it from Amazon! The 2nd one I purchased for baking additional loaves of bread when guest were over for dinner. The beautiful ocean Blue is from Le Creuset. I love it but not the price! My Lodge Dutch oven has been excellent & is less than half of the Le Creuset price!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, good to know. Thank you. I’d LOVE to have some LeCreuset, but… that is a ways into the future. Ha. We have the old stuff- Griswold and Wagner. Love the colors of yours. Didn’t know Lodge made colored ones. I will have to watch the sales. Thanks for the information.


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