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Spring Flower Pretzel Bites🌷

Hi there peeps!🐣

I love Spring & its finally here in Nor Cal ☀️  I went searching for something Springy to make for this Easter & found these super cute flower bites! They truly are the perfect union of chocolate & salt on these buttery little pretzels!

I am really excited to share this great Pinterest find with you!

 How cute are these? 🌼

I sure 💖  you Pinterest! You are so totally awesome!  Keeping me inspired just about every day with such fun & creative ideas! A recipe for anything!!! My husband & my kids also love you because I keep making cool things like these little flower bites for them to enjoy!


Also a Big Shout out to the Two Sisters Crafting Blog for sharing this great idea!

These flower bites are easy to make, totally kid friendly & great for gifting! They are so dang cute & everyone I’ve given them to so far has loved them!


I’m bringing these flower delights over to my brothers house for this Easter to share with all of our family & friends!🐰🌷🐣

It’s will be a challenge for me to hang onto all of these darling little flower treats until we get to the party because my kids love them!


When I asked my son if he liked my new recipe? He said, “mommy, I love these!!!

Can I have 2,001 more!” 😂  He’s 5 yrs old so 2,001 more pretzel bites to him seems completely logical!

I have discovered something new about myself since I’ve been working on my blog. What I found is that I truly enjoy sharing my home baked goods with others! Its so fun to share!


Its also time to share my homemade goods since my muffin top around my waist has grown as a direct result of enjoying all of these delicious treats!🤗


Here is the simple Recipe for~ Spring Pretzel Bites~

1 bag of Square Pretzels (butter snaps)

1 bag of Bright White Candy Melts

1 bag of M&M’s


  1. Place a piece of Parchment paper onto a paper plate.
  2. Put about 5 or 6 pretzels on top with a candy melt.
  3. Microwave for 20-30 second intervals until the candy melt becomes shiny & soft to touch (the center of the candy melt)
  4. Remove from the microwave & gently press the 1st M&M into the center of the candy melt.
  5. Next place 6 additional M&M’s around the center piece.
  6. Let the flower bites set.
  7. Store in an airtight container for ~7 days.

Super easy & Super fun for the kiddos! Great for gifting & to share all Springtime long!🌷🐣🌻 Even great for birthdays, baby showers, as a thank you, so many possibilities with this one!

Happy Baking Happy Camping Happy Wheeling🍴

💚The Aspiring Mountain Mama

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