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The Corn Dog🍻


IMG_5569These truly are amazing Corn dogs! I have family to prove it if necessary!

I discovered this recipe on Pinterest & tried these yummy dogs & they are out of this world! Big smiles on everyones faces!IMG_1833

The 1st time the kids enjoyed these, you could see the excitement in their eyes as they were witnessing this wonder… Our Mom just made a corn dog?  I know, its awesome!

I was so excited about my great success I wanted to tell someone!

So, I quickly snapped pics & sent them to my husband, with no response, my sisters, no response, my niece… no response… I called my mom & she answered!!! She was excited because I was excited! 💗

Next, I hopped into my car & headed off  to pick up my kiddos from school. I still wanted to share this amazing corn dog news!

So, when I got the chance, I basically yelled out to my 3rd graders teacher,  “Hey Mr Perez, 💁🏼 I just turned a plain old turkey frank into the most amazing corn dog ever! He was kind & congratulated me😆

Can you tell I love this recipe?

I really couldn’t wait to get the kids home to make more!


Honestly, all the fun happens when your frying these up! When they turn out funky we all crack up & make up silly names for our weird looking corn dogs!


These 2 👆🏼 are from the very 1st batch that I ever made!😜  Not so pretty but just as tasty!

Here is my simple recipe for~  The Amazing Corn dog!

1 cup yellow Cornmeal

1 cup Flour

1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt

a pinch of fresh ground Pepper

1/4 cup Sugar

4 teaspoons Baking powder

1 Egg

1 cup of milk plus 2 Tablespoons more

1 quart Vegetable oil

2 packages of Hot dogs

16 Wooden skewers

  1. Now, in your favorite bowl, combine the Cornmeal, Flour, Salt, Pepper, Sugar & Baking Powder.
  2. Next, add the Milk & Egg to your dry ingredients & whisk well.
  3. Heat the Oil in a 8 or 10 inch skillet to 350 degrees. (I use a candy thermometer to keep track of the temperature)
  4. While your oil is heating, start skewering the dogs!
  5. Important note! I always Pat the dogs dry with paper towels before dipping them.
  6. Next, Pour your batter into 2 Pint size Beer glasses🍻 for easy dipping.
  7. Dip & Roll your dogs in the batter!
  8. Drop your corn dog gently into the hot oil.
  9. Cook 1-2 corn dogs at a time until beautifully golden brown ~ 3 minutes or so.
  10. Set your dogs on a paper towel to cool
  11. Enjoy!

👉🏼 Pepper jack & Cheddar make delish “Cheese on a Stick!” For a quick cheese on a stick use string cheese already to go! Just skewer!

Who’s with me? How cute is this cheese on a stick?!

Corn dog parties with soda pops are a classic! I Love em!💘

Mc Guyver’s 1st attempt @ the corn dogs! I say, well done!

Kids love these, Adults love these & I love how easy these are to make!

Homemade Corn dogs Rule!

Happy Baking Happy Camping Happy Wheeling🍴

🌷 The Aspiring Mountain Mama🌷

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