Family Camping · Hollister Hills Ghost Run · Metal Stamping · Truck Hill

I’m back & excited to share 😘

The beautiful view from the top of the hill!

I have been missing in action & have thought of you often but we have been super busy with life. So I figured quit trying to right a book & keep it simple! That is the real reason I started this blog, so that I could easily share fun stuff with pictures of events & get to my favorite recipes without a big search.

What have I been up to besides taking care of my family? My handsome hubby & the 3 little monkeys🙉🙈🙊 ?

METAL STAMPING & I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🔨❤︎🔨


This one 👆🏼 is my super fave at the the moment! All country which is hilarious to me because back in the day, I was a Rocker Chic. 😂  My sister & I rolled in our 1978 Z 28 Camaro, dark green with a 350 engine blasting Rock & Roll like Motley Crue & Metallica🤘🏼! It was awesome!

And now… I love Country! I would have to say Mc Guyver has brought me to my country roots! Rolling thru the hills blasting good old HanK just seems appropriate these days!

Here we are cruising thru Hollister Hills for the “Ghost Run”! We had a really great time! Only bummer I got poison oak… On my eye lid, my shin, my arm & on my bum! Hollister is Full of poison oak😜


I’m just glad that only I got it & not the kids!


More Fun pics of the weekend!

Daddy & his side kick💙


It was so nice getting out & adventuring in the Buggy! More Camping & Wheeling to come!


This 2nd video is of us blazing up Truck Hill! Mc Guyver & I have done this (before we had children) in the 4Runner. I clearly remember telling Brian I’m not sure I want to do this & he laughed & asked me if I was going to get out😁 I wasn’t about to jump out of the Runner then & I didn’t this time either!

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Happy Camping Happy Wheeling Happy Baking🍴

⛺️  The Aspiring Mountain Mama 🌄


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