Cup of Joe · Homemade · Hot Press Soap · Metal Stamping

Hand Crafted “Cup of ☕️” all Natural Bar Soap!

This Bar soap is amazing & smells just as amazing!!! Looks so good I could eat it! This is… My new craze!🤗


The smell of Coco butter & Coffee is just dreamy!

I love coffee & this little cup of Joe was my inspiration!

I have made Melt & Pour soaps before & have had good success! My family has always enjoyed them because of the nice lather & fragrance. I made them for Christmas years ago & have to say they were ok. 😁 Practice makes perfect!

My big sister Brownie likes my soaps & asked me to make her more! She & I both agreed, even when we were down to the last little bit of soap, the amount of lather was incredible! Bubble city!!! Lather & more lather!

I have really sensitive skin & can’t use many products. My primary reason for making these!

I’ve done my research &  read lots of reviews about the Melt & Pour products only to find that many others were also pouring their own simple soaps for the same reason! Sensitive skin!

Olive Oil, Goats Milk & Oats

So… If I love the basic Melt & Pour why the heck am I making Hot Press Soaps!

  1. Well for one, I love the look!IMG_8189
  2. I’m all into Rustic looking things, and these definitely have the look.
  3. I wanted to add other items to my Candle Making & Metal Stamping Products!

I’m really excited about my products & really surprised by what I have been creating! I love the idea of being crafty & sharing this with my children!

Starting my Etsy shop was encouraged by my family & friends, & I have been completely blessed with the interest in my shop since I started it!

Currently my Etsy listings include Metal Stamping (I Really Love) Soy Candles (Also Love) & soon my Hot Press Soap!

I’m going to keep this one short & simple! I’m not going to go into all of the details of soap making, because I think its important to educate yourself 1st before diving into a recipe.

Lye is a necessary ingredient & can be quite dangerous so I would suggest watching videos from the Soap Queen. She’s great & very detailed! An excellent starting point!

I was just so excited by my Cup of ☕️ Hot Press Soap that I had to share immediately!!!


Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my escapade!

You can find me on Instagram for more fun pics of my Recipes, Metal Stamping, Soy Candles, Soaps & Camping Adventures!

Have an awesome day!

Happy Baking ❤︎ Happy Camping ❤︎ Happy Wheeling ❤︎ Happy Crafting

✿The Aspiring Mountain Mama✿


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