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🌽Whole Kernel Popped Popcorn with Coconut Oil🍿

Papa Bears bowl Mama Bears bowl & Baby Bears bowls

We all love popcorn in this house, especially homemade!!! It’s even better with a good movie & a big bowl 🍿!!!



The whole Papa Bear 🐻Mama Bear 🐻& Baby Bear 🐻theme is so cute!!! I just love them! What do you think? You can find them listed @ my Etsy shop & other fun stuff I’ve made if your interested!

I discovered this delish recipe on Pinterest a few years ago & have never looked back!

I love Coconut oil for popping  popcorn! It has such a yummy flavor!

I also love it for making my homemade soaps! All of my bars have coconut oil as a main ingredient! The health benefits of coconut oil are amazing, especially for the skin. The oil possesses antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. In addition its easily absorbed into the skin & doesn’t have a greasy feeling! It keeps the skin nice & soft & beautifully moisturized!


This is my handcrafted Hemp Soap made with Coconut Oil & Its Awesome!

Ok, Back to the popcorn 💁🏻 I am easily distracted at times, kinda like a dog & squirrels!

Here is my simple recipe~  For Homemade Popcorn

Its so easy to make but beware you might get popped👊🏼 in the face or have to dodge it like in a game of dodgeball 🏐 if the lid pops off!

The Ingredients~

1/2 cup Whole Kernel Popcorn

2 Tablespoons of  Coconut oil🌴

Butter & Sea Salt ~ use this at your own discretion! Mc Guyver & I are always in disagreement about this! He loves a lot of butter & salt 🙃 I aim for the healthier version!

  1. Now turn your burner onto Medium High.
  2. Add your Coconut Oil.
  3. Then add your Popcorn.
  4. I jiggle the pot around to coat the kernels.
  5. Now be very careful… & patiently wait until that 1st kernel pops & then pop the top on!
  6. I like to crack the lid, not sure if its nececesary but I’m not stopping now! It turns out great every time so I’m not fixing it if it isn’t broken right? Right!
  7. Continue to jiggle the pot around & enjoy as your it fills up with the 🍿!
  8. When the popping slows to 3-5 seconds with no popping, pull the pot from the burner.
  9. Let it continue to pop with the lid cracked for a few more seconds & remove the lid!
  10. Add your melted Butter, Salt & Mix
  11. Serve & Enjoy!

I’m telling you, you will never go back to the microwaved stuff!

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Have a Great Weekend! 🍻

Happing Baking ❤︎ Happy Camping  ❤︎ Happy Wheeling ❤︎ Happy Crafting

❀The Aspiring Mountain Mama❀



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