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Our Labor Day Camping Adventure⛺️

We had such a great weekend! I love camping with my little family & hanging out with good friends!


We didn’t get far on the Fordyce Trail, but it really didn’t matter because, the beautiful scenery was all we needed!!! Some good R&R goes a Looooong way these days! So busy with school, work & life, its always so nice to get away!⛺️IMG_8513

Our 3 little rascals have been on outdoor adventures since they were in my belly! Mc Guyver & I found out while at the “Winter Fun fest” that I was pregnant with our 1st daughter!

You can find this hand stamped fork @ my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/AspiringMountainMama

We’ve had a few roll overs while off roading and I can only admire how my little ones just dust it off like its no big deal. We are very lucky that Mc Guyver took the time to build such an awesome machine. Its Safe so don’t worry, we wouldn’t do this otherwise!


The beautiful moon on our 1st night!🌛


Making memories!


I Love this picture! The lighting is bitchen!


Just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful clear lake! We found, a turtle🐢, a crab🦀, a water snake🐍, a frog🐸 & lots of lizards!!!

IMG_8558The relaxing spot we enjoyed, just off a dirt road! 🍻


I’m not sure what this trail is called? I call it pucker hill!💩 Its follows the 80 between Cisco Grove & Eagle Lakes! Mc Guyver laughed at me, because I told him the next day that it scares me! 🙋🏼I can be dramatic like this sometimes!


“Samson” the Super Cool wheeling dog!


Our offroading buddies! 😘 Thank you Johnny & Alyssa so much for the invite! It was awesome as always!


This play structure is the coolest! Rustic in every way! So old school & on the brink of falling apart but that certainly didn’t stop our kids! We have played here many times & want to enjoy it while it last!


We were so excited to stay an extra night and even better, I captured another picture of… The Mooon!!!🌛

My fondest memories as a child were camping with my dad. I miss him dearly and so thankful for all the time we spent out on the road!

Until next time!

Happy Camping Happy Baking Happy Wheeling

💚The Aspiring Mountain Mama⛺️

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